Business/Financial Strategy Alignment: 6 Step Success Framework

Often when company management is seeking to grow their business they focus on market size and penetration (total addressable market).  However, to successfully grow a business, financial considerations must be an integral part of the growth plans.

Interconnected Framework_background

  • Market size/total addressable market sets the stage for creating revenue prospects and growth projections.
  • However, the revenue model is limited by and dependent upon the industry landscape and the company’s competitive position within the landscape.
  • A company’s competitive position is informed by a company’s expense model and capital resources.
  • The company’s strategic growth plans are constrained by the company’s expense model and access to capital at maximum valuation.
  • Maximum valuation is obtained when the strategic growth plan is highly aligned with the market opportunity, revenue projections, competitive position, and expense model.

All of these strategic/financial aspects are tightly linked and need to be highly aligned in order to assure maximum growth prospects and fund raising success.

A formal assessment can be done in order to analyze each piece of the framework to ensure that each piece is well considered in a growth strategy.

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